Convention Centers

Convention Centers


Aerial of McEnery Convention Center


Inside McEnery Convention Center


Disney’s Millenium Village


Caesar’s Palace

We have had great success with South Hall. We are now able to hold a wide variety of events that were not possible before.

John Von TressDirector of OperationsMcEnery Convention Center

Universal Fabric Structure’s quality is second to none and for over 25 years has been offering structures engineered for the commercial market. Below are some of the advantages of using the UFS team and product:

  • In house engineering staff to help with custom designs
  • Energy efficient options such as insulation and liners
  • UFS’s convention centers offer unobstructed clearspan space at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction
  • A UFS building can be installed quickly
  • A Universal convention center offers a versatile space that can be easily transformed from a trade show, to a conference, to a car show, a concert or a boxing event. The possibilities are endless.
  • Our pre-engineered buildings can support significant hanging loads
  • Bell-end options to maximize space
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