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Universal Fabric Structures offers a broad range of accessories and options to accommodate customer needs for customized shelters, including:

    • Personnel Doors – single or double glass or steel doors equipped with panic hardware that meet or exceed fire safety standards.
    • Cargo Doors – sliding or rolling and available in steel, aluminum, and fabric cladding.
    • Hanger Doors – designed for use in aircraft structures.
    • The Big Mouth Door – provides access across the full width of the structure and available for use in aluminum buildings ranging from 70′ to 131′ in width.
    • Insulation – fiberglass batting (up to R-30) and reflective that can be installed on the outer fabric layer or inner liner.
    • Ventilators and Framed Openings – to handle air flow including gable fans with louver systems and duct work for HVAC systems.
    • Skylights – for letting in natural light.
    • Crane Lifting Packages – that allows any structure to be moved in modules by crane, rather than continually assembling and disassembling the structure.
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