Indoor Soccer Facilities

Indoor Soccer Facilities

Whether you’re a private club, a university or a local municipality a UFS structure extends your soccer season to an all year round experience. Our low maintenance structures provide a place for teams to practice and compete in an environmentally controlled space.

After their air bubble was destroyed by high winds, the University of Maryland called upon Universal Fabric Structures. UFS was able to provide an immediate solution that was fully operational within a matter of weeks.

Universal Fabric Structure’s quality is second to none and for over 25 years has been offering structures engineered for sports and recreation. Below are some of the advantages of using the UFS team and product:

  • In house engineering staff to help with custom designs
  • Energy efficient options such as insulation and liners
  • A UFS building is constructed in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional brick and mortar buildings
  • UFS is a member of US Indoor and The American Sports Buuilder Association (ASBA)
  • Buildings are easily expandable and can grow as your club membership increases

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