Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Universal Fabric Structures understands that disasters happen without warning and can happen anywhere. Deploying relief to those areas that have been ravaged by tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, or terrorism is crucial. UFS has developed a building called the MSS (Modular Shelter System) specifically for the purpose of having a quick, easily transportable field shelter solution. The MSS demonstrated its versatility in the aftermath of both Hurricane Katrina and Hurrican Rita. The National Guard and FEMA used the buildings for emergency housing, warehousing, and distribution facilities.


Since its development the MSS has been field tested in more than 35 countries in climates ranging from the deserts of teh Middle East to the Arctic Circle. The MSS is constructed with lightweight aluminum, utilizing short sections (no pieces exceed 8 feet in legth). It is designed to easily fit into 8 foot or 20 foot containers and is well suited to air and sea transport. The MSS is also designed to be installed by 8 unskilled workers in less than 24 hours. The MSS is available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, with the capability of integrating standard accessories; the Universal MSS is the ideal shelter solution for today’s disaster recovery efforts.


MSS shown in 8 foot and 20 foot shipping containers

The benefit and advantage of using UFS in a time of emergency

  • Ease of Transportation: Buildings are packed efficiently into standard 8 foot or 20 foot ISO containers for transport.
  • Ease of Installation: Buildings are easily erected by local labor with minimal supervision. There is minimum use of loose parts which assemble with tools provided with the shelter.
  • Durable: The PVC coated polyester scrim is fire retardant and UV resistant. The use of an aluminum box beam design provides both a lightweight and rugged structure.
    • Track Record: UFS has delivered over 500 aluminum beam structures to the United States Air Force over the last 17 years.


UFS provides shelters that provide protection from the weather


As well as shelters that provide protection to the responders

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