Aluminum Hall (AH) Series

Aluminum Hall (AH) Series

Aluminum Hall (AH) Series


The Universal Fabric Structures AH Series shelters deliver a durable, safe, and economical solution for meeting temporary or semi-permanent shelter needs where speed of installation is essential. Constructed from anodized aluminum beams, the shelter integrates easily to a high quality PVC coated polyester membrane roof.

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Aluminum Hall –ah_proProfile View
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Aluminum Hall – ah_isoIsometric View
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  • Aluminum frame
  • Width – 16′ – 132′
  • Length – Indefinite (16′ modules)
  • 22oz-24oz PVC-coated polyester scrim flame retardant fabric


  • 100% relocatable
  • Unobstructed clearspan space
  • Limited maintenance required
  • Standard wind load of 90 mph


  • No footings required for most short-term installations
  • Average installation rates of 10,000 square feet per day


  • Doors & Windows
  • Insulation & Acoustic Liners
  • Electrical & Lights
  • HVAC

Conceived for use in the tent rental industry, the AH series can be erected quickly (at speeds of up to 10,000 square feet per day with a 5 man crew) and are available in multi-story structures complete with staircases and railings. Side walls can be constructed of fabric, glass or hard PVC panels, and are available with a number of accessories, including marquee roofs, bell-ends, glass windows, and double doors.

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